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When it comes to adrenaline boost, nothing says energy than danger. That fear of the danger is what make us want to approach it and learn about, that’s where fighting sports get the spotlight. It all started way back in history, when people used to fight in public places, in small mudded arenas, in order to entertain spectators and visitors. Nowadays, it has improved and became a sport with rules, live feed streamed on the internet, thus developing its reach.

This where the UFC comes around, Short for Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC takes its roots from American mixed fighting techniques, a company that promotes high ranking fighters from all around earth, with a simple concept, putting two fighters against each other in a caged arena or not and letting them fight. The UFC also respects a set of unified ruled of the industry, resulting in its legalization in some countries like Canada.

And in order to make it lucrative, betting has made its way to this sport through some famous sites like “Sports Interaction”which is the best UFC betting sites in Canada, along with that “Bodog” comes in the second place, followed by Betway, William Hills, Bet365, B-bets, Intertops, 10Bet, Pinnacle, Spin Palace andMansionBet.

But what’s all that hype for? Traditional betting used to be physical, and it wasn’t as accurate as today’s system. With the evolution of communication channels, with the help of the internet first then the revolution of smartphones,betting took a new level, with live feed being streamed and instant payment techniques. The industry grew up to become worldwide showcasing live fights on any type of platform.

So, what’s so special about William Hills, or Bodog or that Sport Interaction channel? For William Hills, it is a worldwide company that operates as a bookmaker, their main activity is to take wages from spectators and bettors, who are willing to gamble on the success of a certain team, then redistributing the revenues depending on the outcome. Owning a large network of betting shops, William Hills extended its activity to online betting games like Casinos, poker, bingo and so more.

On the other hand, Bodog comes in with a different set of minds, created by Calvin Ayrein 2000, giving bettors the tools to gamble either legally or illegally, even though it led its creator to becoming a billionaire, Bodog wasn’t all transparent.Ayre has gotten many allegations charging him of unethical behavior, money laundering was a big hit for the company at some time, but he was also convicted of illegal gambling.

In 2017, he assumed his guilt in one of the allegations which led to the other cases to be shut down later. In 2017’s summer, it was discovered that he was deepening in the cryptocurrency market, a tool that would allow his business model to evolve in an unprecedented way, especially with the absence of traceability or any type of law.

Bet365 is a bit of a mix between those business models, it is a platform that manages gambling industries like fighting, poker, casinos and bingo. All those games were live streamed in the internet, offering spectators live and instant betting, coupled with a set of odds; it also gives its users the ability to use it bookmarking services.

Bet365 offers all types of new payment technologies, from Paypal to Google Pay, even Apple Pay is supported with a variety of over 18 currencies, also expanding the industry to the cloud, making it simple to the final users. For branding purposes, Bet365 signed several shirts sponsorships with famous clubs in order to reach its targeted population.