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Group Classes:

Learn how to defend yourself against real life dangers. Classes are safe and interactive so questions are encouraged. Beginners are welcome!

"Classes are taught in a friendly atmosphere that invites people to learn the techniques and principles of Krav Maga at your own pace. You learn to think on their feet, to use the Krav Maga skill-set as a foundation for dealing with various real world situations."
Andy L.

Private Classes:

Train one-on-one with an instructor to meet your particular needs and goals. Sessions can be held in our studio or in a space you provide.

"I have been taking private Krav Maga lessons from Chris for more than a year. He has a great ability to explain/demonstrate the most complex moves in a manner, which I find easy to understand. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting into shape by learning invaluable self-defense skills."
Russell Masters, Vice President, Towerhill Development Corporation

Semi-Privates (two or more participants):

Learn practical self-defense with friends, family, or coworkers according to a program that suits your mutual scheduling and training needs.

"A friend and I had hired Chris for private Krav Maga instruction. We had limited time, having discussed our needs with Chris, he set a condensed lesson plan that covered our interests and introduced us to additional skills. Chris works in a structured way, with each lesson building on skills learned earlier."
Peter Fritz, Photographer, Peter Fritz Photography

Children's Self Defence:

Children learn differently than adults and are faced with a special set of potential dangers. Most importantly, classes are FUN. We also have programs for children with special needs. Through various games and exercises they learn how to:

  • Avoid, stop and escape threatening situations
  • Deal effectively with bullying, pushing, pulling and grabbing
  • Develop self control, discipline and self esteem
  • Identify and assess environmental dangers (cars, fire hazards)

"Adult classes teach you how to defend yourself against a larger attacker, and this kind of defense is also used in the kids' classes. Primarily, kids' classes are about street proofing, promoting awareness of potential threats, and teaching safe behaviour. Highly recommended!"
Jonathan Silden, Landscaper

Women's Self Defence:

Women are often the preferred targets of aggression. We teach you practical ways to:

  • Heighten your spatial awareness
  • Defend against stronger, heavier assailants
  • Use common objects to protect yourself
  • Recognize your own strength and skill

"I was nervous about taking the women's self-defense course at first, but Christopher put me to ease with his friendly nature and encouragement. Through his classes, I learned a lot in a short amount of time."
Erika Bachman, Tutor, Tutor Doctor

Corporate Training:

Corporations are increasingly concerned with staff and employee health – wellness programs, health insurance, and safety training. We give you the practical skills and common sense knowledge to get home safe. Our techniques are easy to learn, easy to perform and effective. Programs are designed to meet your organization's specific needs. Training is provided in our studio or in a space you provide. Contact us for a free consultation. Topics include:

  • Safety for Domestic and International Travel
  • Assault/Abduction prevention (elevators, parking lots/garages)
  • Office safety
  • Self defense in public transit, walking, etc.
  • Surviving armed robbery/assault
  • Identifying potential dangers
  • How to use common objects for self defense
  • De-escalating conflicts – verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Theft prevention
  • and much more……

"As an executive I have traveled to many countries. My associates have had experiences that range from being knocked down at knife-point and robbed, while their executive assistant had a knife to her throat. In my travels I met a businesswoman who was mugged in New York on a Ferry to the statue of Liberty she felt a burning sensation in her right side as she was stabbed for her laptop. And personally about a month ago I avoided a confrontation with a guy at about 2 in the morning who started approaching me in a threatening manner less that 200 meters from my home. The point is it doesn't matter where you are Christopher Gagne's Krav Maga Training gives you awareness, self confidence and the natural skill set to defend yourself and protect others if you ever find yourself or a loved one in danger."
Mark Robertson, MBA, Co-Founder at Nation First Work Development (NFWD)